LASTING POWERS OF ATTORNEY New forms for the creation and registration of Lasting Powers of Attorney were issued on the 1st July 2015. The new forms are for the most part a welcome development in simplifying the existing LPA forms. The introduction of the ability to register an LPA immediately […] Read more »

Lasting Powers of Attorney

In a welcome development the government has approved revised application forms for making and registering a Lasting Power of Attorney the new forms will be valid from 1 July 2015. The existing forms currently available to the public will continue to be valid for execution until 1 January 2016. Powers […] Read more »

Wills and Foreign Assets

Foreign property brings an additional layer of complexity to the making of a Will and general estate planning. In recent years the ownership of property abroad by British Nationals has become an increasingly common factor to consider in the preparation of a Will. British law allows a person to leave […] Read more »

Tax Planning and Lasting Powers of Attorney

In a recent decision the Court of Protection has confirmed that the authority granted by a Lasting Power of Attorney for property and affairs is not to be used as an instrument for Inheritance Tax planning for the donor’s estate. There is an allowance for gifts of reasonable amounts on […] Read more »

Recent Court of Protection Decisions

The Court of Protection has recently been called upon to make two decisions relating to fairly basic issues relating to the appointment of Deputies acting for persons who have lost mental capacity and communication between Deputies and other family members. The first decision related to the not uncommon situation of […] Read more »

Inheritance and Trustee’s Powers Act 2014

Changes to Inheritance Law Romford Families Should be Aware of The Inheritance and Trustee’s Powers Act 2014 came into force in England and Wales on 1 October 2014. The Act has modernised the default rules that take effect in the event that a person dies intestate (without leaving a Will). […] Read more »