Leases and Guarantors

The “non-guarantee” The decision to grant a lease is often related to the availability of a guarantor. A failure to ensure that the guarantor is correctly bound by the lease or the inadvertent release of a guarantor from a lease can therefore have disastrous consequences for a landlord. In many […] Read more »

Rent Deposit Deeds

The purpose of a rent deposit in a commercial lease is simply to provide security for the landlord for the performance of the tenants obligations under a lease. In practice commercial rent deposits are often fraught with legal and practical complexities. Unfortunately in many cases where a tenant assigns a […] Read more »

Heads of Terms - Agreeing a Satisfactory Lease

The market, the parties and negotiating the lease The agreement of a satisfactory lease requires co-operation between landlords, agents and lawyers. The relationship between the client and the lawyer in the negotiation process is crucial and each should be “on the same page” with the other so that they may […] Read more »