New Year is a Time When Many Separations and Divorces Occur

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Post Christmas is a Busy Time for Family Law Practitioners

There is a saying that 'you only have one life' so it's best to live it with a person who makes you happy instead of one who runs you down or makes you sad. There is no doubt about it that the holidays, especially Christmas, tend to wreck havoc in family life. Usually, money, or the lack of it, is a major cause. Many people aren't used to being around each other quite as much and so they begin to find fault with each other. It is also a time of the year when many affairs come to the attention of the other partner, something which causes even more break-ups.

Why Do So Many People Need a Family Solicitor In January?

These post Christmas divorce cases occur most every year on January 3 when lawyers arrive back at work meaning that divorce solicitors are extremely busy during each new year after Christmas. The reason that this time of year is a favourite time for divorce is simply because couples may have had too much to drink, they have faced monetary pressures to buy presents and the festive period does not always meet expectations, when all this is combined with people spending a lot of time together in an enclosed space and existing tensions are bound to surface and result in rows and break-ups.

Following Christmas is New Year, traditionally a time of new beginnings and so when the New Year comes around many people decide it is a good time to just quit the relationship and try to begin a new life. In the same sense other people see the New Year as a chance to put right what was wrong and make an appointment with professional counselors who can help save their relationship.

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