Notes on Recent Changes in Employment Law

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Employment Law Changes

Unfair Dismissal

A recent change to employment law states that before being eligible to make a claim for unfair dismissal (the most common kind of claim) an individual must have worked for a company for two years, rasher than the one year that was previously required.


Another minor change is that the maximum redundancy rate has increased from £430 to £450 per week and the maximum length of time that will be considered is 20 years.

The two main justifications for dismissal are;

  • redundancy
  • reorganisation

and both are viewed and treated quite differently in the eyes of the law.

Redundancy is an 'economic' issue and as as such are eligible for payouts. Reorganisation is classified under the terms of efficiency and in this scenario - which is increasingly common in a depressed economy - no payout is forthcoming.

Compromise Agreements

Compromise agreements are generally a situation whereby the employer will pay the employee to walk away from the job. These agreements are not just about money - although cash is always the make-weight in these agreements - as they can include clauses that prevent the individual taking a job with a rival for a specified length of time (gardening leave).

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